Cloakroom suites provide the best solution for creating an extra room with a toilet and wash basin, helping to free-up the main bathroom and give you some respite on busy weekday mornings.

If you have a large family and suffer the ‘pleasure’ of queuing for the family bathroom, having a cloakroom suite can help to provide that extra bit of space and save you time during your morning routine – and who doesn’t want (need) more time?


CloakroomCloakroom suites can be fitted into the smallest of spaces and there are now more space-saving toilets and sinks around than ever before – each designed to help you make the best possible use of the space you have available.


Just because a cloakroom is the smallest room in the house doesn’t mean that you can’t create a space filled with stylish touches and a killer designer finish.



compact vanity unitCloakroom suites with furniture have become a really popular choice as they provide valuable storage space for any toiletries and help to create a clutter-free space for a more streamlined look.


Wall-hung sinks and toilets are an ideal choice for a cloakroom suite as they help to enhance the feeling of space. Corner toilets and sinks are handy too, especially for an awkward shaped cloakroom or ensuite, as they fit right back into the corner to make the best use of the available space.


Finally think about adding the finishing touches to your new cloakroom suite, make sure you opt for a large mirror to make the room feel more spacious and light and choose a heated towel rail to keep your towel warm and cosy.

Check out the collection of vanity units and cloakroom furniture and accessories we have available that can help to transform how you make use of your space.

Kiss goodbye to those bathroom queues and say “hello!” to stress free mornings and getting on with life.