Modern Showers: Top Tips for Making a Statement in a Small Shower Room

Just because your shower room is on the small side, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement and create a space that’s super stylish and functional. Modern shower rooms are all about enhancing a sense of space, clean lines and minimal design. So if you’re planning on revamping your shower room, check out our top tips on how to create a space that oozes style. 

Choose a statement shower

Showers come in an array of designs ranging from the contemporary to the traditional. When choosing a new shower for your modern shower room you don’t necessarily have to opt for a contemporary design, you could instead fit a traditional shower for an interesting contrast, and to add a touch of elegance too.

A fixed shower head and a concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve will add sleek, contemporary style to your modern shower room. Fixed shower heads deliver a refreshing rainfall effect, and they come in various sizes and designs. A thermostatic valve controls the flow and temperature of the water to the shower head, and incorporates anti-scald technology to ensure a safer showering experience.

Other showering options include slide rail kits – these feature a shower handset, hose and rail. The handset can easily be moved up and down the rail to the desired height. A slide rail kit is typically used with a bar valve.

Rigid riser kits offer a stylish showering solution too. They feature a handset and a fixed shower head so you get the best of both options.

Modern electric showers are great for new shower rooms, as they work independently from the heating system, and they don’t need an existing water supply. Available in a range of designs, electric showers provide instant hot water on demand.

For the ultimate designer statement and an amazing showering experience, opt for a thermostatic shower panel. A shower panel incorporates a fixed shower head, handset and massaging body jets.

Space saving shower doors

When you need to save space in a small en-suite, every inch counts. Sliding doors and bi-fold doors don’t require extra space to allow for the door opening, making this type of shower door a great option for a compact bathroom. Quadrant shower enclosures are also ideal for small bathrooms, as the curved front helps maximise space.

Fit a walk in shower

To enhance a sense of space in your small shower room, avoid fitting a bulky shower enclosure and fit a walk in shower instead. Your shower room will instantly feel bigger and brighter.

A walk in shower features a glass panel combined with a low profile shower tray. You can fit a walk in shower between two walls, or into a corner, which will require two glass panels.

Modern walk in showers incorporate plenty of showering space and provide easy access, as there’s no step or door to think about. One end, where the glass panel is, is the showering area, and the other end, that’s open to the room, is where you can dry off. The low profile shower tray adds to the sleek, minimal look.

Go for wall mounted fixtures

Choosing wall mounted fixtures provides a really effective way to enhance a sense of space and create a clean, contemporary look in your shower room.

A wall hung toilet appears to float above the floor, and has the cistern concealed in the wall behind or a specially designed furniture unit.

Wall mounted toilets and basins come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from stylish curves to clean geometric lines. Another advantage of wall mounted fixtures is that you can fit your basin and loo at a height that’s right for you, plus the floor will be a lot easier to clean too.

Stylish storage solutions

Every shower room, no matter how small, needs somewhere to keep toiletries and beauty products hidden away to ensure the space remains neat and organised.

There are many bathroom storage solutions available designed for compact spaces. A wall mounted vanity unit is a great option for a small shower room, choose one with a shorter depth to maximise space further.

Mirrored cabinets are another solution for keeping clutter hidden away. You could also fit a glass bathroom shelf and display perfume, candles or decorative objects.

Don’t forget the heating

Underfloor heating is essential in any shower room, and it means you don’t have to fit a radiator, but you may wish to install a heated towel rail to keep towels warm and dry.

By opting for underfloor heating, you will never have to dread walking on to a cold, tiled floor again. On cold winter mornings you could set the underfloor heating to come on before you get up, so you can walk on to a luxuriously warm floor.

Create a cosy feel with a dark colour

Light colours can make a small space feel bigger, but to create a cosy feel and to make a statement consider opting for a darker colour. Choose dark large format tiles to minimise grout lines and to add a touch of luxury too.

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