Plan the Perfect Bathroom

Refurbishing the bathroom can be a daunting task and it can be difficult to know where to start, but by looking around for plenty of inspiration in showrooms and magazines you can gain a good idea of how you would like your new bathroom to look and feel.  Also, looking at the existing decor of your home will give you an idea of whether to keep the design of your bathroom modern or traditional.

When planning your new bathroom measure the available space accurately and double check the measurements as every little bit counts, especially if you have a small bathroom. Make sure to leave at least 70cm in front of the toilet and 21cm on each side, for the sink leave at least 70cm in front and 15cm on each side.

Bath or shower?

For a bathroom with plenty of space install a separate shower enclosure and bath to create a sleek, streamlined look. A bath and separate shower enclosure will meet the needs of the whole family.

For a compact bathroom you need to decide which will best meet your requirements, if you prefer to shower think about installing a stylish walk in shower to provide you with a spacious showering area.

For a family with young children opting for a bath is a definite must, a double-ended design will allow you to place a child at each end and you don’t have to worry about the bath taps getting in the way. Maybe a shower bath will make an ideal choice? This way you get the best of both showering and bathing in the same space without having to make a compromise.

Bathroom storage

Bathroom storage is an important part of any new bathroom and will ensure that the room is kept tidy and organised. A vanity unit with an integrated sink combined with storage underneath will provide you with plenty of room to keep your toiletries hidden from view, this will create a streamlined feel to the bathroom.

Wall-mounted vanity units are ideal for a compact bathroom and will enhance a feeling of space. Also, the finish will have an impact on how the bathroom will look, white is a great choice but can look cold, so consider opting for a walnut finish to add a feeling of warmth.

Final details

The final details will really help to bring the look of your new bathroom together. When choosing taps ensure they fit in with the overall style of your bathroom, make sure they reflect the shape of the sink and toilet to create a uniform look. A heated towel rail will create a warm and cosy bathroom and nothing feels better than a warm towel on a cold winter morning. A mirror with lights will provide you with handy illumination and bounce the light around.


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