If you’re planning a new bathroom but don’t have much space to play with, then you’ll understand how difficult it can be to fit everything you want into it. The two main items that you need to include in a bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, are the basin and toilet, and choosing a compact design provides a great way to maximise your space. To help you make the most of the limited space, these seven small toilet ideas will point you in the right direction.

Short projection toilets

short projection toilet set against a blue wall and grey floor

Short projection toilets are ideal for small cloakrooms and bathrooms. A short projection toilet is a toilet that has a depth of less than 650mm, which takes up less floor space compared to toilets with greater depths. This style of toilet is becoming a popular choice for those replacing an old or broken toilet, which is mainly due to the neat, slimline design of the cistern. Although narrow in design, the cistern still delivers an excellent flush.

Fully back to wall toilets

close coupled toilet with a flush to wall design

A fully back to wall toilet provides another space saving solution for small cloakrooms. This type of close coupled toilet sits flush to the wall with no exposed pipework, which creates a neat, streamlined look, and makes cleaning easier too. A flush to wall toilet typically features a shorter projection and a modern design.

Wall hung toilets

modern wall hung toilet with chrome flush plate

A great way to create a smart, contemporary look and save space in a small bathroom is to fit a wall hung toilet. This type of toilet is where the cistern is concealed in the wall behind with the pan appearing to float above the floor. For this reason, wall hung toilets help to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom and make cleaning the floor a lot easier.

The concealed cistern can also be fitted in a specially designed WC unit if wall installation is not an option. The flush plate can be removed in case access is required for maintenance.

Back to wall toilets are similar to a wall hung design, but the pan sits on the floor instead. This style is easier to install and is commonly used with a WC unit that’s fitted next to a matching vanity unit for a coordinated look.

2-in-1 toilet and basin combination units

white unit with basin and toilet

2-in-1 toilet and basin combination units are the best option for where space is really tight. This is where the toilet and basin are combined into one unit, which conceals the pipework and cistern ensuring a neater finish and easier cleaning. The unit is available in a range of finishes such as white gloss and oak, and is supplied with the basin, toilet and concealed cistern. They have recently become a very popular option for those planning a downstairs toilet.

Toilet and basin furniture sets

slimline white vanity unit with toilet and WC unit

Create a stylish coordinated look and save space with a toilet and basin bathroom furniture set. When choosing a furniture set, opt for one which features a slimline design to maximise space. Bathroom furniture sets come with a vanity sink unit and matching toilet unit, so you’ll have somewhere to keep toiletries or cleaning products hidden away. They come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any requirement.

Cloakroom basins

basin fitted into the corner of a bathroom

Featuring compact dimensions, cloakroom basins have been specially designed for small spaces. They come in both modern and traditional designs, and can be floor mounted with a pedestal or wall hung with a chrome bottle trap to complete the look. Corner cloakroom sinks are perfect for making the best use of what could otherwise be wasted space.

Cloakroom vanity units

toilet and cloakroom vanity unit in a white gloss finish

Cloakroom vanity units feature a slim line design and smaller dimensions than standard, which makes them ideal for compact spaces. They come in wall mounted and floor standing designs, as well as a range of sizes and finishes. Wall mounted vanity units maximise floor space and are great for creating a modern look. Floor mounted units are easier to fit than a wall mounted design, but still provide a stylish and practical storage solution for a small bathroom.