For a small bathroom, you may have to consider your choice of colour carefully, as this is going to have an impact upon the feeling of space within the room. The natural light that comes into a smaller room is likely to be limited, and so steps will have to be taken to make the room appear bright and spacious. Try using lighter tones and colours to give the appearance of space. Opting for blinds instead of curtains will increase the light within the room, whilst maintaining your privacy. In terms of artificial light, down lights that can be positioned offer a good personal touch to the bathroom, while spotlights will brighten the whole room and make it much brighter, without adding clutter. Perhaps try adding mirrors to help make the room appear larger through the reflection of natural light.

Making use of wall hung fittings will help save much space and give a much more modern feel, but make sure to check whether the internal walls will be strong enough to support any such fittings. Look for sleek and compact bathroom suites, where the pipes can be hidden away from sight. Remember that while ornate fixtures may look good in a showroom, they are probably to be avoided in small bathrooms. They not only attract dust, but will also overpower a small bathroom and create a sense of disorder. Simple patterns will provide clean, crisp lines that will give a spacious feel.

Give plenty of thought to the sanitary ware that you will use, as there are many different choices that allow for the optimum use of space. Many pieces of pottery are now designed so that they can be placed in the corner of a room, thus creating more space. A corner sink or a corner-fitting toilet may be the perfect solution to your problem of limited space. Similarly, think about how you can save space by placing a shower over your bathtub to combine the two. Space saving baths can be used; these have tapered sides and therefore create more floor space. If you are going to choose a shower enclosure, there are many options available to you; corner or pentangle enclosures will fit in smaller areas, while bi-fold or in-slide doors will allow access without obstructing the rest of the room.

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