When shopping for new taps and wastes you’ll be surprised at the many different styles that are available, which can make choosing the right type a little challenging. So, to help you out, we’ve uncovered all you need to know about taps and wastes.

Things to consider before choosing new taps

basin tap

Before buying the first set of taps that you set eyes on, there are a few things you need to consider first.

It’s essential to check what kind of water system is in your home as this will determine the type of taps you can choose.

  • If there’s a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder elsewhere, it means you have a low pressure system; also known as a gravity fed system. You will need to choose taps that are designed to work off a low pressure system to ensure the best possible performance.
  • If there’s a combination boiler, then it means you have a high pressure vented water system. A combi boiler is directly fed with mains pressure cold water, which is then quickly heated and pumped around your home. High pressure systems are suitable for use with most taps.
  • If there’s a hot water tank but no cold water tank, it means you have a high pressure unvented water system. This is where the water is stored at mains pressure in a hot water tank, and is heated by an immersion heater that’s attached to the side of the tank or boiler most likely located in an airing cupboard. Most taps are suitable for use with this type of water system.

You should also consider the style of your bathroom too. Taps with cross-head handles are perfect for traditional bathrooms, while taps with clean lines and contemporary looks are a great option for modern bathrooms.

The majority of taps incorporate ceramic disc technology rather than rubber washers. Ceramic disc technology prevents leaks and drips, and only a 90 degree rotation is needed to turn the tap on and off. Most feature a chrome finish that blends in easily with any décor, as well as a solid brass construction so you can be assured of quality and durability.

How much can I expect to spend on new taps?

At CheapSuites you can get cheap taps from just £21, while deck mounted bath shower mixer taps can cost as little as £31, so you can certainly get a bargain if you are on a limited budget.

When choosing new taps, make sure to check if a waste is supplied, if not then you will need to factor in this extra cost.

Cheap bathroom suites with taps are an option if you want to create a fresh, new look without splashing the cash. This can help you to save money compared to buying individual items and it ensures a coordinated look too.

Choosing the right basin taps

The type of basin you have will determine your choice of taps. If your basin has two tap-holes then you will need to choose hot and cold pillar taps, but if there’s just a single tap-hole, you will need to fit a mono basin tap. Some basins such as a countertop design may not feature any tap-holes, so you will need to opt for a wall mounted tap or a high rise mixer tap. Below we explain the different types of sink tap that are available…

Pillar taps (hot and cold taps)

hot and cold basin taps

Pillar taps or hot and cold taps are specifically designed for use with two tap-hole basins. Easy to fit, they come in a wide range of styles to enhance any bathroom design.

Mono basin taps

mono basin tap

A mono basin tap has been designed for use with a single tap-hole basin. It features one easy to use lever handle that controls both the flow and temperature of the water.

Mono basin taps come in various designs including waterfall, high rise and cloakroom. Waterfall taps feature an open spout and enhance a spa-style bathroom perfectly. High rise taps are for use with a countertop basin that doesn’t have any tap-holes, while cloakroom taps feature compact dimensions, making them ideal for small spaces.

Wall mounted basin taps

wall mounted basin tap

For use with countertop basins, a wall mounted sink tap creates a neat, streamlined finish and a smart, contemporary look. This type of tap can be tricky to install as the plumbing needs to be fitted in the wall behind, so make sure to call in a professional to carry out the installation work.

Choosing the right bath taps

Cheap baths taps that combine value for money with quality are ideal if you are on a tight budget, and there are many styles that are available. As with a basin, you will need to check how many tap-holes your bath has. Some are pre-drilled with two tap-holes, while others come un-drilled, which gives you greater flexibility over the position of the taps. Some, such as freestanding baths, may not be suitable for drilling, so make sure to check your bath before buying new taps.

Bath pillar taps

bath pillar taps

Supplied as a pair, bath pillar taps are the cheapest option and are available in modern and traditional designs. Easy to fit, one tap is for cold and the other is for hot water.

Bath filler taps

bath filler tap

A more popular option than pillar taps, a bath filler tap mixes the hot and cold water in the tap body before it goes into the bath. They come in an array of styles and require two tap-holes for installation.

Bath shower mixer taps

bath shower mixer tap

A stylish and practical option, especially in a family bathroom, a bath shower mixer tap comes with a shower handset and flexible hose, which makes rinsing and cleaning around your bath much easier. Available in many styles, a bath shower mixer tap is similar to a bath filler tap as it requires two tap-holes for installation. They also include a wall bracket so you can attach the shower handset to the wall.

Freestanding bath taps

freestanding bath tap

Designed for use with a freestanding bath without tap-holes, freestanding or floor mounted bath taps are great for enhancing a luxury look. They come in various designs and some include a handy shower kit.

Choosing the right waste

basin waste

A waste is an essential item for completing your bath or basin installation, and there are various types to take your pick from. It’s important to choose the right waste, so here’s a quick overview to makes things clearer.

Slotted and un-slotted wastes

If your basin has an overflow then you will require a slotted waste, if there’s no overflow, you will need an unslotted waste.

Push button wastes

This type of waste is a popular option as it’s easy to use and creates a neat finish. Simply push down on the button so the waste is closed to prevent water from draining away, and then push again to allow the water to empty.

Pop-up wastes

A pop-up waste uses a lever and rod mechanism. The plug rests on a rod that’s connected through a small bracket arrangement to a vertical rod. Pushing the vertical rod downwards causes the horizontal rod to rise, lifting up the plug. Pulling the vertical rod upwards allows the weight of the metal plug to close.

Exposed bath wastes

Designed for use with traditional freestanding baths, an exposed waste is where the waste pipes runs outside the bath. It hides the overflow pipe, which is connected to the waste. They usually feature a plug and chain, but some are available with a pop-up mechanism.

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