Making sure that your bathroom looks tidy and organised can be a bit of a challenge if you live in a busy household, but there are plenty of ways in which you can create a clutter free look. In this blog we share ten idea for creating an organised bathroom.

bathroom suite

Also, a bathroom with everything in its place will help to create a sense of space too, which is ideal for a small bathroom.

1. Have a good clear out and get rid of any toiletries that haven’t been used in ages, this way you can choose the most appropriate type of bathroom storage to suit your requirements.

2. A vanity unit is ideal for keeping all your toiletries stored away out of sight. Vanity units are available in a wide range of sizes and designs to complement any bathroom design. If you have a small bathroom choose a wall-mounted design to create the illusion of more space.

mirrored bathroom cabinet

3. Mirrored bathroom cabinets are fantastic for providing you with extra storage too. Install above your vanity unit or sink so your daily essentials are within easy reach. Most vanity units have matching cabinets available so you can create a uniform look.

4. If you have a large family bathroom and require additional storage as well as your vanity unit, opting for a tall wall mounted cupboard is a perfect solution for storing spare towels or extra toiletries.

5. Keep surfaces around your bath or in the shower free from shower gel, soap and shampoo by installing a shower tidy or wire basket, which will instantly make your bathroom look more organised.

heated towel rail

6. Instead of leaving your towel on the floor or draped over the bath make sure that you install a heated towel rail to keep your towels warm and dry; this will not only look much neater but will enhance the overall look of your bathroom too.

7. Glass shelving is great for creating a neat, minimal look in your bathroom and is useful for displaying perfume for example.

8. A washing basket such as the Cheap Suites Gloss White Laundry Unit will make a very useful addition and will perfectly complement your white gloss vanity unit.

9. Even choosing a new matching set of bathroom accessories can help to create an organised appearance; why not install separate robe hooks for each member of your family?

compact vanity unit

10. Even a small cloakroom suite can look neat and organised too; opt for a compact vanity unit which features a slim-line design so you can store away any toiletries for a tidier appearance.