Creating a new shower room can be a challenge, particularly if you are an incredibly lazy man like I am and especially if space is limited.

However, if planned and designed correctly and installed to a high standard, a new shower room may well help to add extra value to your home and give your friends and family something . Here are ten shower room ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Sleek and Minimal

walk in shower
A walk-in shower enclosure provides a great way to create a sleek and minimal look – practical and yet ultimately stylish and modern.

Today’s shower enclosures feature minimalistic designs to create a sense of space, as well as a designer look too.

To make your shower area stand-out and beam with personality, decorate it with coloured tiles and include a built-in shelf to keep toiletries within easy reach.


In a smaller shower area you can enhance a sense of space by opting for plain tiles in a neutral shade and then adding a horizontal stripe around the room using tiles in a contrasting colour.

This will help to create the illusion of a wider more expansive space and give you a chance to play around with the colour theme.

Space Saving Shower Bath

shower bath

If you still want to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath but lack the space for a separate bath and shower enclosure, why not opt for a clever shower bath?

Shower baths have one end that’s wider than the other to provide you with more room for a comfortable shower, while still saving you plenty of floor space.

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper above the basin can help to bring a dull space to life and instantly transform a room. To ensure that the wallpaper doesn’t start to peel, avoid hanging it too close to the shower.

Hotel-style Inspiration

Achieve a hotel-style showering area with marble-effect tiles. Introduce a statement mirror as well as luxurious Egyptian cotton towels and you’ll have a complete and stylish look, plus the bonus of a hotel experience every time you take a shower.

Go For Monochrome

Black Design Furniture Lifestyle

Monochrome never goes out of fashion and always looks great in a bathroom suite, or shower area.

You can work the monochrome look with towels and accessories as well as tiles too. Black gloss and white gloss vanity units are also ideal for making a style statement and providing essential storage space.

Create A Feature Wall

Transform your dull shower enclosure into a vibrant space by creating a feature wall covered in mosaic tiles.

You could create an impressive feature wall above the basin or in the shower area – the choice is yours, but the benefits of doing so will be felt each time you step into the shower.

Add Traditional Elegance

classic basin and toilet

Creating a classic look to your shower room adds a timeless elegance; think decorative and ceramic detailing, cross-head taps and traditional showers, and you’ll be enjoying a period style bathing and showering experience for the rest of your days (or at least until you want to change your style).

Compact Shower Room

If you are planning to squeeze your shower room into a compact loft space then it’s definitely a good idea to use the sloping wall for the shower area and opt for a wall-hung basin and toilet in order to maximise your available floor area.

Clutter Free Space

mirrored cabinet

If your shower room is lacking in space, fitting storage and shelving can sometimes make it appear even smaller, so remember, the less cluttered it looks the larger it will seem.

You can make a small space feel bigger with large format tiles and install a simple mirrored cabinet above the basin for a fuss-free look.

So there you have it – ten shower room tips to get the most out of your shower suite and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Let us know how you have made your space a showering haven of serenity in the comments below and don’t forget to come and say hello on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.