Having a shower provides the perfect way to wake-up at the beginning of the day and helps you to relax and freshen up in the evening. But do you really know what’s in the shower water?

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It all depends on where you live, but there will most likely be chlorine in the water. In small amounts, chlorine is not really that harmful and you could be exposed to it on a daily basis and may not even realise it. Water companies will add chlorine to the water to help kill any harmful bacteria, which is great to know, but it may be damaging your hair and skin.

This could be one of the main reasons why your skin feels tight or dry after taking a shower or even why your blonde hair has turned brassy. Chlorine is a skin irritant and can make your skin flaky or sensitive, as well as make your hair turn frizzy and change colour. Chlorine can even make asthma worse too.

The reason for the dry skin is that chlorine can strip the skin and scalp of its natural oils, this can also lead to premature wrinkles. As the scalp is losing these essential oils, it means that your hair is losing vitamins that are important for keeping it shiny and healthy looking.

The best way to remove the chlorine from the water is to fit a shower filter, which takes just minutes to install. Filters are often used for drinking water to make it pure and clean, so why not do the same for your hair and skin?

Shower filters don’t cost the earth and have been specifically designed to remove chlorine from the shower water. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it can absorb as much chlorine from a five minute shower as from drinking eight glasses of unfiltered tap water. By filtering out chlorine the water will stay pure and your skin and hair will see results in just a few washes.