There are a variety of ways to keep your bathroom neat and organised, so make sure to have a good clear out and reorganise your space with these smart ways to hide bathroom clutter.

Vanity units

vanity unit

Available in a wide range of sizes, vanity units combine a basin with storage underneath and they provide a really practical way to hide toiletries and cleaning products out of sight.

Wall-mounted vanity units are perfect for creating a more spacious look to your bathroom and allow for easier cleaning. If you have a small bathroom, a white gloss vanity unit will bounce the light around to enhance a sense of space.

Vanity units with a gloss black finish add a touch of designer style, while dark wood finishes bring a feeling of warmth and luxury.

Mirrored cabinets

mirrored cabinet

Mirrored cabinets provide a great storage solution for keeping your favourite toiletries close to hand instead of cluttering up the basin area.

Usually fitted above the basin, mirrored cabinets are available in various sizes and designs to enhance the style of your bathroom. They offer a good storage solution for a bathroom with limited space and some even feature integrated lights for useful illumination.

Fitting a new mirrored cabinet also provides a quick and easy way to update your bathroom without having to splash the cash.

Storage units

bathroom cabinet

Storage units such as drawers or cupboards are ideal if you require extra storage space in your bathroom for spare towels, toiletries and loo roll.

Tall wall-mounted cupboards maximise floor space and some feature open shelving so you can display decorative objects or perfume.

Drawer units are ideal for a family bathroom as you could allocate a drawer for each family member.

Have a clear out

Before buying any new storage it’s a good idea to have a sort through all those lotions and potions, and throw anything out that hasn’t been used for ages. Only keep what you need on a daily basis in your bathroom, this way you can choose the most suitable storage solution to suit your needs.