From the sleek and modern to the classic and traditional, toilets and sinks are available in an array of styles, as well as sizes to suit any bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom suite. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what would be the best choice for your bathroom. So, check out our top tips and advice for choosing the best bathroom toilet and basin.

Choosing a basin

Before buying a new toilet and basin set, make sure to accurately measure the space and choose a style that suits the décor of the bathroom.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a bargain, there are plenty of cheap sinks for sale. Shopping when the sales are on can help you to save pounds on your new toilet and basin.

Basins with full pedestals

basin with full pedestal

Available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes, basins with full pedestals are easy to install and a very popular choice. The pedestal is fitted to the floor and the sink is positioned on top, which is screwed to the wall.

Basins with semi pedestals

basin with semi pedestal

If you have a small bathroom, a basin with a semi pedestal offers a great space saving solution. This type of basin maximises floor space and creates a cleaner look. They come in many styles and sizes to suit the design of your bathroom.

Corner basins

corner sink

Corner basins are ideal for small cloakrooms and en-suites. The front of the basin usually features a curved or angular design, while the back is triangular in shape so it fits perfectly into the corner. This style can be mounted to the wall and fitted with a bottle trap, or can be fitted with a full or semi pedestal.

Counter-top basins

countertop basin

A counter-top sink is perfect for adding a touch of spa-hotel style to your bathroom. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, counter-top sinks are designed to be fitted to a vanity unit or worktop. Team with a high rise tap or wall mounted tap to complete the look.

Semi recessed basins

semi recessed basin

A semi recessed basin sits on top of a unit, but with the front on display as in the above image. Available in a range of sizes, semi recessed basins create a neat finish and suit most bathrooms.

Choosing a toilet

The toilet may not be the most glamorous item, but if you’re revamping your bathroom or en-suite, you’ll still want it to look stylish as well. From modern wall hung designs to space saving corner styles and more, here’s a rundown of the many different types that are available.

Close coupled toilets

basin and toilet set

Close coupled toilets are a really popular option as they are the easiest type to install and come in many styles including modern and traditional. A close coupled toilet is where the cistern is connected to the pan.

They also come in fully flush to wall designs, so no pipework is exposed; this creates a much neater finish and allows for easier cleaning.

Comfort height toilets, where the pan is higher than standard, are perfect for those who are less mobile, while short projection toilets (these have a shorter depth than standard) help to maximise space in a small bathroom.

Wall hung toilets

wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilets are a great option if you want modern style that’s easy to clean. Ideal for small spaces, a wall hung toilet creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom and you can mop the floor with minimal fuss.

This style of toilet has the cistern concealed in the wall or a unit, along with a hidden support frame, which means more planning will be required.

Corner toilets

corner toilet and basin

A corner toilet can provide the best solution if you’re trying to fit in a bath/shower, basin and loo into a small or awkwardly shaped bathroom. This style features a triangular shaped cistern that fits neatly into the corner of the room.

Back to wall toilets

back to wall toilet

If you hate the thought of exposed pipework, then a back to wall toilet is a great option for you. This type of toilet is where the pan sits right up against the wall and the cistern is hidden in the wall behind or a specially designed furniture unit. A cistern unit creates a handy shelf for storing toiletries or displaying decorative objects.

High level toilets

high level toilet

High level toilets, where the cistern is fitted high up on the wall, are perfect for adding authentic traditional style to your bathroom. Team with a roll top freestanding bath for the ultimate traditional look.

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