have a great collection of bathroom suites ,whether you have a bathroom with plenty of space or a compact en-suite you can be sure to create your perfect bathroom.

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New bathroom suites require good attention to detail and careful planning, so make sure to accurately measure the space and always double check your measurements! By carefully planning you can not only transform your bathroom into a stunning new space, but will ensure that it works for everyone in the family. Also, make sure that you have a look at existing bathroom suites in showrooms, magazines and on the internet for plenty of inspiring ideas.

Bathroom suites with limited space

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Small bathroom suites are perfect for creating a warm, cosy feel and with close attention to detail you can transform the room into a beautiful, relaxing space. Bathroom suites with limited space usually only have enough room to be able to install a bath or shower enclosure, so you need to decide which is best for you. CheapSuites have a good choice of small baths, including straight and steel versions, corner baths and a small freestanding bath so you can be sure to enjoy a relaxing soak.

If you prefer to shower then think about including a quadrant shower enclosure to create more floor space. If you really can’t decide between having a bath or a shower, then a shower bath is the best solution.

Shower baths have plenty of room for showering where the bath widens out at one end without losing out on a spacious bathing area. Wall-hung sinks and toilets are a great choice for small bathroom suites as they free up floor space to provide the illusion of a bigger room, plus cleaning the floor will be much easier! Clever use of lighting and a mirror will bounce the light around providing a feeling of space.

Bathroom suites with plenty of space

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There are plenty of fantastic ideas for bathroom suites with plenty of space and you can create a very stylish bathroom. A bathroom suite with a separate shower enclosure and bath will make your home more attractive to any potential buyers if you ever wish to sell in the future, and will also ensure that everyone’s needs are met, plus it’s always good to be able to choose to have a long, relaxing soak in the bath or just a quick shower.

Bathroom suites with freestanding baths create a luxurious feel, as well as provide a relaxing bath and will add a focal point in a large bathroom. A walk in shower enclosure is a great idea too, as you’ll have plenty of room to have a shower and it will add a style statement too.

Consider installing twin sinks for a spa-like feel and no more fighting over the sink in the morning! Storage is also important too, as it will not only help to create organisation but your bathroom suite will look more neat and streamlined.