Keeping your shower enclosure looking sparkling can be challenging as shampoo and shower gel can leave deposits on the glass doors, which means you enclosure will look dull and unclean. Limescale deposits can also build up and leave unsightly marks, especially if you live in a hard-water area. Check out these top tips for cleaning your shower.

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Regular cleaning

To ensure your shower enclosure looks sparkling, cleaning it on a regular basis is a definite must for keeping on top of limescale and soap scum deposits, this will also make cleaning much easier.

Rinse around your shower enclosure

Another good tip is to rinse around your shower enclosure every time you finish showering, this prevents soap and shampoo deposits from building up.

How to clean shower enclosure glass

The best way to clean your shower enclosure glass is to use a specialist glass cleaner. Simply spray the glass cleaner onto any marks or deposits and leave for a couple of minutes to let it get to work, then take a microfibre cloth or a paper towel and rub the glass cleaner into the glass using circular motions, which helps to prevent smears and streaks. For any stubborn limescale deposits a bit of elbow grease works wonders.

How to clean the shower head

Hand held shower head

It’s not only your shower enclosure that requires regular cleaning, your shower head does too. The shower head can easily build up mould and limescale meaning that the nozzles will become clogged and blocked up, which means a reduced flow of water. Read these useful tips for keeping your shower head in working order.

Step One – First unscrew your shower head from the hose, this allows for much easier cleaning than trying to do it stood in the shower enclosure.

Step Two – If you can, unscrew the cover of the shower head so you can clean it more thoroughly.

Step Three – Once the shower head is detached soak it in a bowl of white wine vinegar for about 15 minutes, this helps to loosen the dirt and limescale. If your shower head has more stubborn limescale deposits simply leave it soaking for a couple of hours.

Step Four – When your shower head has soaked for long enough take an old toothbrush and scrub it to help remove any dirt in the nozzles, a piece of wire is also ideal for cleaning each nozzle of your shower head too.

Step Five – Once your shower head is gleaming screw it back together, attach it back to the hose and test your shower to ensure that you have a good flow of water.