Having a relaxing soak in the bath is a great way to unwind after a long day. Choosing the right style of bath to meet your needs and suit the style of your bathroom is an important element to get right.


CheapSuites.co.uk have a fantastic collection of baths ranging from steel baths to corner baths and the ever popular shower bath. Baths are available in a wide range of sizes so you can be sure to discover a bath to perfectly suit your bathroom.

Straight acrylic baths and steel baths are a really popular option as they fit in with any bathroom design scheme and come in a variety of sizes ranging from a space saving 1500x700mm, ideal for small bathrooms to a more spacious 1800x800mm, great for the family bathroom.

Steel baths are the perfect choice for a family bathroom as they are very hard-wearing and last well into the future, steel baths also retain their high-gloss finish for longer and are easier to keep clean.

Shower baths

shower bath

Shower baths are the best solution if you don’t have the space for a separate shower enclosure and bath and don’t want to compromise on having to choose between the two.

Shower baths feature plenty of space for a relaxing bath and at one end they widen out to create a showering area. Shower baths at CheapSuites.co.uk come complete with the bath screen so you have an enclosed area and to prevent the bathroom from getting covered in splashes. Shower baths are available in two styles including the popular p-shape and the more contemporary square design.

Corner baths

corner bath

Corner baths are ideal if you have an awkward shape to your bathroom as they help to make the best use of available space. Corner baths come in a choice of sizes ranging from 1200x1200mm to 1500x1000mm. Some corner baths are handed so check which you require before buying.

Freestanding baths

traditional bathroom

Freestanding baths are the perfect way to create a hotel-spa feeling in your bathroom and will provide you with an indulgent soak. Freestanding baths are available with a modern design for the more contemporary bathroom or alternatively if you have a more traditional bathroom consider a roll top or slipper freestanding bath, which will become the centre piece of the bathroom.

If you are opting for a roll top or slipper bath you need to take care if there are young children around as these style of freestanding baths have exposed pipework. The roll top freestanding bath is available with a double-ended or single-ended design. Slipper baths feature one end at a higher level than the other with the bath taps located at the lower end.