With the weather turning chilly now is the perfect time to upgrade that outdated plain, white radiator in your bathroom or cloakroom suite and replace it with a stylish heated towel rail.

heated towel rail

Heated towel rails are available in an impressive variety of sizes and designs to suit any style of bathroom whether you have something traditional or contemporary. A heated towel rail provides the best solution for ensuring that your towels are kept warm and dry, as well as creating a cosy and inviting bathroom too.

Plumbed heated towel rails

traditional heated towel radiator

Heated towel rails that work off your central heating system are a very popular choice as they can easily replace your existing radiator and are available in a wide choice of styles. A plumbed heated towel rail will only work when your central heating is switched on, but if you still want to enjoy warm, fluffy towels during the summer months you can fit an electric heating element so the heated towel rail can still operate.

Modern heated towel rails such as ladder style designs feature plenty of space for your towels and are ideal for creating a clean, minimalistic appearance too. Ladder style heated towel rails come in a range of sizes as well as white or chrome finishes to complement your bathroom.

For a more bold, contemporary look why not opt for a designer heated towel rail? Designer heated towel rails are available in a variety of styles including towel rails with wide, flat panels and more eye-catching designs too.

For those who have a period style bathroom there is a range of traditional towel radiators to choose from that will perfectly enhance the design of your bathroom. Traditional towel radiators range from designs with white column inserts to more minimal ladder style versions.

Electric heated towel rails

electric heated towel rail

One of the main benefits of choosing an electric heated towel rail is that you can enjoy warm, dry towels all year round even when your central heating isn’t on. An electric heated towel rail is also kinder to the environment too.

Mainly available in a ladder style design electric heated towel rails come in a range of sizes and are easy to operate too. If you would like greater control over the heat output of your electric heated towel rail then opt for a thermostatic version.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the size of your bathroom when choosing a heated towel rail, as the larger it is the more heat output will be required to effectively heat the space.