Buying a new bathroom suite for just a couple of hundred pounds may be ideal if you are on a limited budget but will you really be getting good value for your money? In this blog we share our tips and advice on where to save and spend on a new bathroom.

The cost of a new bathroom

bathroom suite

The average cost for a new bathroom is around £3000, but this can really vary as you can spend as little as £200 on a complete new bathroom suite or you could spend thousands on a new bath. When you’re working out how much to budget for, you need to take into consideration just what is included in the price when you obtain quotes.

Some bathroom suites down the cheaper end of the scale don’t come with taps and wastes and obviously won’t include tiling and plumbing costs. Plumbers charge approximately £160-250 per day and tilers can charge around £120-180. There are certain factors that the length of the work will depend on including the size of the bathroom, the fixtures and fittings you have chosen, as well as if you are having a complete revamp or just simply updating it.

Bathroom suites

bathroom suite

Available in a variety of styles to suit a range of tastes, bathroom suites come complete with the bath, toilet and basin and some also include taps and wastes too. Some buyers may just purchase a toilet and basin and choose the bath separately as it provides one area where you can really create a focal point.

Worth spending more on, the bath is often the most expensive item in the bathroom and there are many designs and sizes available. Straight acrylic baths are the most affordable but usually don’t include the panels. For a more durable and sturdier alternative than acrylic, steel baths are a popular option. The most expensive material for baths is cast iron, but it will last well into the future.

When choosing a new shower tray and enclosure the same attention to care and quality should be taken. Acrylic shower trays that are really cheap can be squeaky and unstable, while stone trays are of a much better quality, and some of the very cheapest shower enclosures may not fit well and can be prone to leaks.

Basins that are supplied with a full pedestal are the most affordable option, while countertop and wall mounted versions tend to cost a bit more.

Showers & taps

basin tap

Electric showers are the cheapest option and are available from as little as £50, while the more expensive showers are fitted with thermostats which ensure a safer showering experience and perform better too.

A bath shower mixer, where the shower is fitted to the bath tap, is a great option if you’re on a budget and is easy to install. For the ultimate in showering, consider choosing a shower panel, which features body jets and a large shower head. For more information on showers ready our handy two part guide – Part One and Part Two.

When it comes to taps, the least expensive option are pillar taps, while mono mixer taps tend to cost a bit more but are convenient as they feature a lever handle to control both the flow and temperature of the water.

Should I pay more?

It pays to spend a bit extra on certain items such as the bath, shower enclosure and tray to ensure better quality and trouble-free use. But you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune as there are some well-designed, affordable products available. When it comes to basins and taps you often pay for the design rather than the quality. Your new bathroom needs to function properly and look great, so you can be sure to really relax and unwind.